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 The Proposed Development of the Staines Business Park

A proposal is being made to develop the Staines Business Park into residential use, comprising of 51 houses, flats, and 82 car parking spaces. 

There will be a presentation of this proposal in The Bells, Stable Bar on Saturday the 8th of September between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The proposal is being put forward by the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) –
The planning architects are MAA –
The planning application is being facilitated by Harriet Kerr –

As of the 25th August, no formal application for planning consent has been lodged with Spelthorne Borough Council (SBC).  USS is likely to apply for planning permission for development of the site and then sell the site on for others to develop. Developers can and frequently do apply for variations in planning consent and we will need to monitor closely any variation requests. 

The Staines Village Committee wants to solicit opinions of the proposal from those living or trading within Staines Village.  Listed below are some of the points that people have raised already.  If you have any comments on these items OR any other comments or points to raise, please let us know. 

The proposal retains 100 Church Street as an office in its current form.  Would we want to ensure that building is preserved in its current form?
  • Parking:  it is likely this will increase the numbers of residents wanting to park on Church Street.   Do you have any views on parking and potential solutions to an already strained system?   Staines Village Committee has a sub-committee working on parking generally in the Village already.  
  • Traffic flows:  the proposed development would  increase traffic on  Church Street at its junction with Bridge Street and the Wraysbury Road especially during rush hour.  Do you have any views on traffic and potential solutions?  One suggestion already made:  improved traffic lights at the junction. 
  • Social housing:  the plans allow for a small number of social housing flats as part of the development.  There is a  need for sheltered accommodation in the area.  What are your views on social housing versus sheltered accommodation? ;
  • Height of the retained brick walls, USS has asked for residents’ opinion on this;
  • If you are a Trader within Staines Village, how do you see this development affecting your business?
  • Positioning of flats – the current plans allow for the flats to situated on the southern side of the site overlooking Island Close – would these flats be better located on the eastern side of the site; and
  • Other issues such as the proper management of wheelie bins, is the development to be managed by a management company as in the case if The Maltings and are the internal roads to be adopted by the Council. It is unlikely that USS will be considering such detail if it intends to sell the site on once planning consent has been granted, should these issues be raised now.

We want to gather your opinions so please use the comments section below to provide us with your views.

Please remember that the purpose of this note is to seek your views to understand how Staines Village Residents and Traders feel about the plans,  not to influence your views: this should not, in any way, stop individuals from responding directly.


To enlarge the depiction of the developer's proposal on our Village map please click the photo
To enlarge the depiction of the developer's proposal on our Village map please click the photo

Staines Village Residents and Traders Association
6 Cambria Court

Church Street, Staines 
TW18 4XY

Email: info@stainesvillage.co.uk