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Staines Village
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History of Staines Village
History of Staines Village

Our locality lies in the Staines Conservation Area created because of its historical and architectural interest. The majority of the buildings date between the 17th and 19th centuries and give Church Street and its environs a pleasing congruity and dignity set off by a wide and generally peaceful thoroughfare. Church Street leads down to the Staines parish church of St Mary’s. 

The first written reference to a place of worship there occurs in 1179 but there are claims that a place of worship had been there much earlier. It is there, on this high ground that the Saxons settled between 650 and 800 A.D.

The area generally has a distinctly village atmosphere with the attractive “Bells” pub facing the churchyard of St Mary’s adjacent to which is the charming “Corner Hall” (or house). The area from number 115, Church Street down to the river by St Mary’s was historically known as Binbury Row. The earliest references to this are in the 14th century and “Binbury” derives from the Anglo-Saxon meaning “inside the stockade or settlement”.

The present conservation area is fairly well delineated by road developments in Victorian or more recent times. The Wraysbury Road built in the mid-twentieth century cut through the two sections of Church Street and left the short stretch of Vicarage Road (between St Mary’s and the “Corner House”) truncated and the lengthier section of Vicarage Road carrying on as a pleasant tree lined residential drive. Prior to this Church Street would have been the outlet to Wraysbury and somewhat busier. In Victorian times a new road, named Clarence Street, connected the High Street with the Rennie designed Thames Bridge. Another new road, Bridge Street was pushed through to link the new crossing point with Church Street.


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