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Staines Village
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Staines Village Committee Terms of Reference


The Staines Village Committee shall:


  1. give effect to the Staines Village Vision in accordance with the governance as specified in the SVR&TA Charter;
  2. register the SVR&TA with Spelthorne Borough Council;
  3. prepare and present a case to Spelthorne Borough Council for the recognition of the area of Staines Village;
  4. apply to the planning authorities for the erection of road and other signs as deemed necessary to mark the Bounds of the Village and to maintain and keep in good order once erected;
  5. take such action as shall, from time to time, be deemed necessary under The Localism Act 2011 as from time to time amended; 
  6. solicit such volunteers as may be necessary to sit on the Staines Village Committee; 
  7. open a bank or building society account in the name of Staines Village;
  8. manage a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for Staines Village and liaise with Surrey County Police;
  9. assess and negotiate for appropriate traffic management and traffic exclusion measures;
  10. support the activities of other amenity organisations except where they conflict with the SVR&TA Charter or the aims of the People of Staines;
  11. ensure the Staines Village website is populated and managed; 
  12. consider and pursue local marketing of advertising space on the Staines Village website with the goal to enable the website to be self funding; 
  13. raise funds from activities and sponsorship where practical to meet the financial needs of the SVR&TA; 
  14. liaise with Spelthorne Borough Council and Surrey County Council and in particular the Staines Village local Borough Councillor as appropriate;
  15. to take any other action in pursuance of the Staines Village Vision as may be deemed necessary by the managing committee;
  16. organise at least one AGM in any one calendar year;
  17. meet at least three times in any one calendar year;


The Speaker or a member selected by the Staines Village Committee shall take the chair at meetings of the Staines Village Committee.  Each member present shall have one vote and the resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority.  In the event of an equality of votes the Speaker or Acting Speaker shall have a casting vote.  

Staines Village Residents and Traders Association
6 Cambria Court

Church Street, Staines 
TW18 4XY

Email: info@stainesvillage.co.uk